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A Roadmap to Building your Immersive Training Program

Futurist Gerd Leonhard predicts that we’ll see more change in the next 20 years than we’ve experienced in the last 300. With that in mind, your business should have started immersive training for your workforce yesterday.After all, today’s highly digitalised workforce must be complemented with a digitally aligned, next generation...

EBook - Need to Justify ROI for Immersive Training? Here’s How.

You’ve done your homework. You’ve read all the case studies and heard all the wonderful stories about adopting immersive training to your organisation. You’re thoroughly convinced. Now it’s time to start convincing your stakeholders. Find out the steps that are needed for your justifications here!

The Big Benefits of Immersive Training

Poor safety record was a lack of leadership, a weak safety culture, lack of corporate policy oversight, and a lack of meaningful worker participation, will impact on your business revenue and company's reputation.Download e-book to find out the benefits of immersive technology and how it can improve the health and...

How to incorporate AR Vr into your Learning and Training Modules

By incorporating AR and VR technologies into your training and education programs, the opportunities are endless.

Why Augmented and Virtual Reality are the hot technologies right now

We’ve curated information on four of the leading sectors that are adopting the augmented and virtual reality technologies; maintenance and operations, education and training, marketing and customer service.

Lessons in augmented reality from the retail sector

From IKEA to Westfield, brands are adopting AR faster than ever—but getting it right is easier said than done.