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Top 15 Digital Workplace Investment Priorities

We surveyed our network of digital workplace leaders to discover where they’re investing their budgets over the next 6-12 months. Not only did they outline their immediate investment needs but also outlined their investment interests in areas they are wanting to learn out more about. 

What is the Digital Workplace?

This infographic has been created ahead of the Digital Workplace Exchange, which brings together senior IT leaders who are responsible for creating a unified workplace.The digital workplace gives employees the tools they need to improve their communication, collaboration and connections wi ...

How to Drive Innovation and Business Value Digitally and Operationally

How can you drive transformation? How is mobile technology and innovation impacting the enterprise structure? How can mobile be used to drive digitalisation? Your exclusive eBook on How to Drive Innovation and Business Value Digitally and Operationally will pro ...

From the Archives

Why The IQPC Exchange?

How choosing the leading events company for one to one business meetings will secure new clients for your growing business. Download the TokyWoky case study to discover how the IQPC Exchange can help your business.

10 tricks to prevent mobilisation fails in B2E apps

Whitepaper from Scolvo on 10 tricks to prevent mobilisation fails in B2E apps. In this whitepaper, they outline the ultimate do's and don'ts of enterprise application development, to guide you through your way to successful mobilisation.

Lookout's Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

Lookout's Practical Guide to Enterprise Mobilty Security, covering what it is, why it matters and how to implement it in your organisation.

BYOD Data Risks: Five steps you can take to tighten up your endpoint device security

SyncDog have provided this whitepaper on how BYOD is fueling the fire of endpoint device data risk and five steps you can take to tighten up your endpoint device security. The IT cost savings from BYOD is undeniable, but the potential revenue loss and damage to your brand from cyber-breach is...

Meeting GDPR Mobile Security Guidance

Pradeo’s White Paper 'The path towards a GDPR-compliant mobile framework', describes how to ensure the security of data manipulated by a mobile fleet and by mobile applications.

Apps for Hotel Managers and Cleaning Teams

A large hotel is, at heart, a vast logistical operation. Guests check in and out of a network of rooms all requiring daily attention. Rooms, restaurants, receptions and conveniences, all require time-sensitive processes managed by a small team of organised staff who can benefit from the feeling of continuity between...

Shopping Hauls At Omni-a-Porter

Online-only retailers used to be at a disadvantage to bricks and mortar (B&M) stores, as actually trying on clothes has steadfastly remained the preferred shopping experience. But through convenience and familiarity of online shopping, the distinct advantage of physical stores is slowly fading.