15 Augmented Reality Thought Leaders On Twitter

Influencers In The World Of Immersive Technology

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Steven Lerner

One of the hottest next-gen technologies to take over the enterprise is augmented reality (AR). Over the course of the next year, AR adoption rates are expected to rapidly increase, with use cases involving training, hiring, and data visualization. As enterprises prepare to integrate this technology, there are several thought leaders in the space that are worth checking out. Here are 15 AR experts on Twitter.

(Note: This list represents a portion of the many AR experts on social media. The names on the list are in no particular order).

1. Cathy Hackl (@CathyHackl)

Cathy Hackl, well-known technology keynote author/speaker, recently joined Magic Leap’s enterprise team. Hackl, a futurist, tweets about how different industries are leveraging these tools and how AR intersects with mobile devices.

2. Clay Bavor (@claybavor)

Clay Bavor is the Vice President of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Google. In addition to promoting Google’s latest AR functions, Bavor also tweets about other quirky things in life.

3. Tom Emrich (@tomemrich)

Tom Emrich, in addition to serving as mentor for several organizations, is a board member for AugmentedReality.org. Emrich is very active on Twitter, and shares news stories about the latest AR innovations daily, as well as videos showing off new technologies.

4. Paul Miller (@PaulMiller)

Paul Miller is a Senior Analyst at Forrester covering AR, as well as IoT, the cloud, and digital manufacturing. Miller frequently shares many intriguing personal stories on Twitter, as well as news stories involving AR.

5. Ben Wood (@benwood)

Ben Wood is a Mobile / Wireless Industry Analyst for CCS Insight covering smartphones, wearables, VR, and AR. Although Wood covers multiple technologies on Twitter, there are plenty of tweets about how AR is being utilized across different devices and applications.

6. Dr. Helen Papagiannis (@ARstories)

Dr. Helen Papagiannis is a consultant, speaker (has previous TEDx talks), and author focused entirely on AR topics. Dr. Papagiannis has an incredible reputation in the AR community, and dedicates a majority of tweets to the subject, including a social media game with Dr. Papagiannis’ followers called “Real or AR?”

7. Charlie Fink (@CharlieFink)

Charlie Fink is a consultant and author in the AR/VR space. Fink is active in Twitter’s VR/AR space, and frequently tweets about many subjects, such as use cases in the workplace, new innovations, and cool images created with AR.

8. Graham Roberts (@Grahaphics)

Graham Roberts is the Director of Immersive Platforms Stoytelling at the New York Times. In addition to retweeting news stories and messages from influencers in the AR community, Roberts is also tweeting updates about what he is doing in the field of immersive technologies.

9. Lubomira Rochet (@ljubomira)

Lubomira Rochet is the Chief Digital Officer for L'Oréal. Rochet is credited for incorporating AR into many of the company’s apps and making sure the technology is a critical component of L’Oréal’s digital transformation. On Twitter, Rochet frequently tweets about updates regarding the company’s use of AR.

10. Michael Ludden (@Michael_Ludden)

Michael Ludden is the Principal Augmented Reality Product Advocate for the Bose Corporation. On Twitter, Ludden discusses his take on new trends in AR, including the latest AR updates with products from the Bose Corporation.

11. Steve Dann (@VR2AR)

Steven Dann is the Co-Founder And Executive Chairman of Medical Realities. The London-based entrepreneur shares news about VR and AR trends on a daily basis.

12. Bryan Ma (@bryanbma)

Bryan Ma is a technology industry analyst for IDC covering mobility, AR, and VR. Ma tweets about numerous trends in technology, including AR use cases and AR functionality in apps.

13. Julie Young (@juliey4)

Julie Young is the CEO of SH//FT, an organization that promotes diverse voices in the VR/AR industry. Young tweets about AR/VR news, as well as general business news.

14. Brian D. Wassom (@bdwassom)

Brian D. Wassom is a lawyer who specializes in many niches, including VR/AR. Since enterprises embarking on AR technology should always consider important legalities, Wassom’s tweets about technology and legal issues are perfect.

15. Galit Ariel (@galitariel)

Galit Ariel is an author and the founder of WondARLands, a consultancy firm. As a rising star in the world of immersive technology, Ariel just completed a TED Talk, and tweets often about the capabilities of AR technology.

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