Industry On The Move: 5 Tech Stories In February 2019 You Might Have Missed

Google, IBM, Samsung, And More

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Steven Lerner

Each month, Enterprise Digitalization publishes Industry On The Move, a look at the most important stories in the business technology sector and how it affects enterprises.

1. Google Introduces A New Form Of Encryption For Low-End Devices

The news: Google launched a new type of encryption called Adiantum, which is compatible with low-end devices with less than 1GB of ram. The announcement was made following Internet Safety Day in early February.

What this means for enterprises: For the longest time, entry-level devices lacked the processors that are compatible with AES encryption. This presented a significant security vulnerability that could be exposed by hackers. With Adiantum, more devices will be protected via encryption, which is good news for CISOs and all IT professionals that are tasked with security.

2. IBM Brings Watson To Multiclouds

The news: For the first time ever, IBM’s AI system Watson will be available for use across any public or private cloud service. The program, dubbed IBM Watson Anywhere, was announced during the THINK 2019 conference.

What this means for enterprises: Previously, if an enterprise wanted to leverage Watson’s capabilities, they were restricted to IBM’s cloud computing services. With this announcement, Watson can be accessed on any cloud. This is fantastic news for those enterprises that want to use Watson. It is also especially important considering the rise of AI and multicloud environments in the enterprise.

3. Google Acquires Cloud/Data Migration Company

The news: This week, Google announced the acquisition of Alooma, an Israeli-based tech company that helps organizations migrate data from multiple sources. It is one of numerous expected acquisitions in the cloud space for Google in 2019.

What this means for enterprises: The deal likely expands Google’s offerings for the enterprise. Organizations could use the service for migrating and cleaning up data.

4. Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone

The news: In anticipation of MWC 2019, Samsung unveiled the Fold, one of the world’s first foldable smart phones available to the public. Samsung also said the device would have 5G. The announcement was made on February 20, during an event where Samsung unveiled a lineup of new devices, including the Galaxy S10.

What this means for enterprises: For enterprises looking to upgrade their employees’ devices, the Samsung Fold might look fantastic, but it has a hefty price tag of $2,000. Samsung’s other new devices are more likely to fit an enterprise’s mobility budget.

5. New Acquisition Shakes Up DevOps Space

The news: JFrog, a software company in the DevOps space, announced the acquisition of Shippable, a continuous integration and DevOps automation platform company.

What this means for enterprises: With the acquisition, organizations will be able to automate their development processes from the moment code is committed through production. As more IT teams look to improve the DevOps process, this news could eventually result in more streamlined development.

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