5 Most Popular Enterprise Digitalization Articles In Q2

What Topics Were Prevalent?

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Steven Lerner

Half of 2019 is already over. Looking back at the first half of this year, Enterprise Digitalization provided news, analysis, and commentary about the latest trends and challenges regarding digital transformation. Many topics were covered, and five articles in particular were well-received. Here are the five most popular articles from the previous quarter.

5. Sun Life Financial Enacts Collaboration Strategy To Cut Communication Costs

For Sun Life Financial, it was obvious that traditional communication methods were becoming obsolete. It required a new collaboration tool for its global workforce that was user-friendly. To bridge that gap, Sun Life Financial selected Workplace by Facebook. In this exclusive case study, Sun Life Financial’s Rahul Sekhon discusses the capabilities of the platform, explains the ROI achieved from the new technology, and offers advice for other IT leaders.

4. How Microsoft Is Taking Over The World (Or At Least The Enterprise)

IT leaders are always clever when it comes to lowering internal costs. Ed Toner, the chief information officer for the state of Nebraska, developed an interesting strategy to reduce expenses and modernize: by moving solutions away from almost all other vendors and only using Microsoft’s solutions. According to Toner, the state's enterprise agreement with Microsoft included a bundle for all of its solutions. Thus, it made sense to use as many as those tools as possible in order to replace tools from other providers. In this exclusive interview, Toner reveals examples of tools that are being leveraged through Microsoft, and the estimated cost savings.

3. Industry On The Move: Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S Redefines The Modern Office

In April, Microsoft introduced its latest collaboration tool, the Surface Hub 2S, which is an interactive whiteboard that enables teamwork anywhere. This PC build on wheels is a 50-inch screen on a rolling stand. Its features included anti-glare technology, a 4k camera, and a Surface Hub 2 pen. This tool is a response to the rise of new technologies meant to connect mobile workers. It is another reminder about the importance of leveraging the right collaboration tools.

2. 21 Big Data Experts To Follow On Twitter

There’s no denying the role of big data in the enterprise today. As more organizations adopt technologies geared toward big data, it makes sense to keep an eye on several thought leaders in this space. Enterprise Digitalization compiled a list of 21 of the most interesting big data experts on Twitter. The list features journalists, heads of data science, analysts, CTOs, and other technology executives.

1. Industry On The Move: Apple Improves BYOD With iOS 13

At WWDC 2019, Apple unleashed iOS13. During the announcement of the new operating system, it became clear that there were several key features that supported the enterprise. Some of the capabilities allow organizations to separate corporate and personal data, improve mobile security with authentication, and it can deliver tailored content to users. With bring your own device (BYOD) increasing in popularity, this product announcement could have a profound impact in the enterprise. It addresses numerous concerns regarding mobile security and privacy within BYOD programs.