The next Industrial Revolution is here and we are evolving to a more connected, digitized world. Leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies is a necessity if you are going to meet consumer’s demands and maximize efficiencies. Now is the time to redefine how we look at gathering and analyzing data across machines and the supply chain to enable fast, flexible, and more efficient processes.

At Digital Transformation for Manufacturing, you will have the opportunity to join discussions that offer an opportunity to gain a high understanding of the business value of new technology solutions like automation, robotics, augmented reality, AI, cyber, big data analytics and IoT and adoption readiness. Debate digital transformation strategies that are both incremental and dynamic. And as all future work will require people working with new technologies and co-robots, share ideas on how to prepare your workforce to use advanced technologies.

Be part of creating a global culture shift in manufacturing and join the discussion with other experts leading the digital transformations at their companies!

2020 Speakers

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Join conversations that cover the spectrum of obstacles to prepare for the next industrial revolution from those who are in the midst of it.

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Tailor your schedule to meet your specific needs. Select from a variety Interactive Group Discussions and Tracks being offered for the best path to success.

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Engage in conversations with the most influential people in the industry leading the way for the future of work as we know it.

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Through our virtual networking capabilities, set up 1-1 meetings and build meaningful relationships during our networking breaks!