Manufacturing transformation does not come quickly. But after 100 years of incremental progress, we are seeing the next Industrial Revolution take place. A digital revolution.
Companies are working towards their goals using advanced data collection and analysis, automation, AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and more. Digital Twins, Digital Threads, Industry 4.0 and Virtual Design are just some of the new buzz phrases anchoring these strategies.
At Digital Transformation for Manufacturing, hear from leaders spearheading their transformations in their manufacturing organizations, seeing results in savings, production, and efficiencies. Hear these use cases, learn about new technologies, and get your questions answered. 
You have a huge transformation ahead of you. You have big plans. But there are quick wins to be had and this event will help you find them.

What Makes Our Event Unique?

Get the Latest from the Greatest

Join conversations that cover the spectrum of obstacles to prepare for the next industrial revolution from those who are in the midst of it.

No Time Wasted

Tailor your schedule to meet your specific needs. Select from a variety Interactive Group Discussions and Tracks being offered for the best path to success.

Unfettered Access

Engage in conversations with the most influential people in the industry leading the way for the future of work as we know it.

Not Your Average Networking

Through our virtual networking capabilities, set up 1-1 meetings and build meaningful relationships during our networking breaks!