Challenges and opportunities for the cio in the current mobile market

Nick McQuire, VP of Enterprise Research, CCS Insight.

With the average number of connected devices per user in the European market reaching over 4.2 this year, along with a further blurring of the lines between professional and personal activity on those devices, Enterprise Mobility is becoming much less about managing the end-point and more about managing data, distributing content and securing information according to Nick McQuire, VP of Enterprise Research, CCS Insight.

Ahead of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Europe, of which he will be the Chairman, Nick sat down with us to discuss this trend and other developments which he feels are impacting the mobility market at the moment.

In this exclusive video interview, Nick discusses what challenges are currently keeping CIOs awake at night, what areas enterprises should be investing in to ensure their mobile deployments are as successful as possible, and what he feels could be a game-changer for mobile organisations in the next few years.

As 58% of employees now recognise the need for IT to be much closer to the business strategy of their organisation, Nick also explains how mobility has changed the role of the CIO in the context of the boardroom, and highlights the necessary link between technology and strategic performance in the market place.

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