Big Data: The Ultimate IT Guide

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Steven Lerner

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Nearly every department in every major organization today has a purpose for big data, and yet it all comes down to IT to ensure that all potential data is collected, secure, accurate, and accessible for business users. This process is easier said than done, as there are often a myriad of challenges that prohibit IT leaders from ensuring a successful process for big data.

In a March 2019 survey by Enterprise Digitalization, 52% of respondents identified inaccurate or inconsistent data as the leading big data IT challenge. Another 26% are challenged by an inability to efficiently convert data into analytics-ready datasets. Finally, 22% identified siloed data as the biggest obstacle.

Although there are numerous solutions — including data cleansing and visualization tools —that can be leveraged to prevail against these big data challenges, IT leaders must collaborate across the enterprise to ensure that the business is finding value in the data.

“IT leaders need to ensure that the capabilities they build are aligned with strategic business initiatives,” said Julius Bogdan, director of analytics and data innovation at SCL Health. “They need to work hand in hand with the business to deliver the outcomes that the business is looking for, not just what the platform can deliver. That means that IT leaders need to track and explain the ROI for their solutions, and what key business initiatives those are advancing.”

Simply put, the pressure is on for IT leaders to help their enterprises succeed during the age of big data. If these challenges are left unchecked, it could jeopardize an enterprise’s big data aspirations.

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