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Steven Lerner

As more enterprises migrate to the cloud and focus on efficiencies, big data will play a larger role in critical decisions. With recent trends towards monetizing big data, it makes sense for enterprises to follow several thought leaders in this space. In fact, there are many experts on Twitter who provide insights about big data on a daily basis. Here are 21 big data experts that you should follow on Twitter.

(Note: This list represents a portion of the many big data experts on social media. The names on the list are in no particular order).

1. Ronald van Loon (@Ronald_vanLoon)

Ronald van Loon is a director for Advertisement, a technology services company. On Twitter, he is constantly tweeting about the many uses of data, the role of data science, and data from IoT devices.

2. Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting)

Diana Adams is a journalist and a consultant with Adams Consulting. In addition to making it to our Top AI experts list, Adams makes it onto this list due to her frequent tweets regarding data use cases in business, and the role of data with machine learning.

3. Simon Porter (@simonlporter)

Simon Porter is a vice president with NGA Human Resources. As an expert on the impact of internal technology, Porter tweets about the role of data during a digital transformation, including the role of chief data officers, and the connection between data and AI.

4. Iain Brown (@IainLJBrown)

Iain Brown is the head of data science for SAS. Brown, who holds a PhD, is also very active on Twitter and shares news stories about enterprise data nearly every hour.

5. Lillian Pierson (@BigDataGal)

Lillian Pierson is the CEO of Catapult Consulting and a data strategist. This self-taught data scientist uses Twitter to promote her tech consulting, as well as best practices for data.

6. Mike Quindazzi (@MikeQuindazzi)

Mike Quindazzi is the managing director for U.S. Digital Alliances for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and he was recently named as a CxO of the Year Finalist for IoT World. Quindazzi leverages his tech insights on Twitter, including how data intersects with AI, blockchain, and fintech.

7. Eric Rodgers (@ericfrodgers)

Eric Rodgers is the founder of StackPros and DRVN Intelligence. As one of the top 30 under 30 award recipients for Marketing Magazine, Rodgers is an expert of marketing technology, and he tweets about the role of data in marketing.

8. Doug Laney (@Doug_Laney)

Doug Laney works at Gartner as a vice president, analyst, chief data officer of research, and author of the book Infonomics. As one of the top analysts covering data, Laney frequently tweets about the latest research into data and analytics, including alternative data and valuing data.

9. Nova Spivack (@novaspivack)

Nova Spivack is an entrepreneur and inventor in the tech space. Spivack will tweet about the latest innovations in science and in technology, which includes AI and datasets.

10. Bill Schmarzo (@schmarzo)

Bill Schmarzo is the CTO of Hitachi Vantara. The self-proclaimed “Dean of Big Data” backs up the title by tweeting about data science, data monetization, and data lakes.

11. Rich Tehrani (@rtehrani)

Rich Tehrani is the CEO of TMC. On a daily basis, Tehrani tweets about how data is used with other innovations, including blockchain and AI.

12. Kenneth Cukier (@kncukier)

Kenneth Cukier is a senior editor at The Economist in London and the co-author of the award-winning book Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think. Cukier constantly tweets about news and technology, and especially about the role of data in journalism.

13. Jules Polonetsky (@JulesPolonetsky)

Jules Polonetsky is the CEO of the Future Of Privacy Forum, a non-profit that advances principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. Polonetsky tweets and retweets stories about data privacy and how data affects our daily lives.

14. David Holm (@cloudpreacher)

David Holm is a partner at Xplorico and mentor with the Founder Institute. Holm tweets about numerous IT topics surrounding AI, the cloud, IoT, and of course data, such as deconstructing data science.

15. Beverley Eve (@BevEve)

Beverley Eve is the co-founder of Tech Mode. On Twitter, Eve focuses on numerous types of data innovation, including the relationship with apps and the cloud.

16. Xavier Gomez (@Xbond49)

Xavier Gomez is the co-founder of INVYO. Gomez is also a fintech speaker, and shares his knowledge on Twitter about the connections between social data and technology.

17. Prashant Natarajan (@BigDataCXO)

Prashant Natarajan is the author of Demystifying Big Data and Machine Learning for Health Care. Natarajan is active on Twitter and often tweets about the role of data with regards to AI in the health care field.

18 .Donald Feinberg (@Brazingo)

Donald Feinberg is a distinguished vice president and analyst with Gartner. As someone who covers everything regarding database management systems (DBMS) and big data, Feinberg tweets and retweets about the latest trends with data analytics.

19. Dave Johnson (@DaveJohnsonSE)

Dave Johnson is an executive vice president with Schneider Electric. Johnson is passionate about big data, and it comes across on Twitter with posts about data centers and protection of data at the edge.

20. Bruce Weed (@Mr_Big_Data)

Bruce Weed is a program director with IBM focusing on big data development. Weed is constantly retweeting posts from top influencers in the big data space, and sharing his own thoughts about technology.

21. Kate Lynch (@k8lynch)

Kate Lynch is the vice president of analyst relations for MicroStrategy. As a self-described lover of big data, Lynch tweets about data science, how data intersects with AI, and facts about personal data.