Ed Toner

Ed Toner was appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts as Chief Information Officer for the State of Nebraska on June 9th, 2015. He has spent the last 20+ years in the Information Technology field, and has held IT leadership positions at both First Data and TD Ameritrade in Omaha, NE. A Nebraska transplant (native of Texas) Ed has significant international experience, having managed IT teams in both the UK and Argentina. His background also includes Industrial Engineering positions in manufacturing prior to moving into the Information Technology field.

Since taking over as Nebraska's Chief Information Officer, Ed Toner has consolidated key information technology systems, resources and services which has positioned the state to provide quality support at lower costs earning him the StateScoop 2016 National “Up and Comer Award”, the 2017 “State Executive of the Year” and the 2018 “State Executive of the Year.”

His Consolidation of State IT has been featured in StateScoop, Govloop and CIO magazines. In addition, the Nebraska Office of the CIO received the National Association of State CIO’s 2018 State IT Recognition Award for their “Hybrid IT Consolidation” efforts.

His award-winning blog was recognized consecutively in State Tech’s “50 Must-Read State and Local IT Blogs 2015”, “30 Must-Read State and Local IT Blogs 2016, 2017 and 2018”. He has recently been asked to become a Featured Contributor to Govloop Magazine.

Ed earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

He is also a published author in CIO Review, Government CIO Outlook and CIO Applications magazines:
• “Disaster Recovery - Insider Confessions”; publication date: Mar 1, 2019; Government CIO Outlook Magazine.
• “Business Continuity and Data Availability”; publication date: July 16, 2018; CIO Review Magazine.
• “Agile and Waterfall, both have their place in your development toolkit”; publication date: January 22, 2018; CIO Applications Magazine.
• “Focus on the Fundamentals, then the Shiny Objects”; publication date: November 14, 2017; Government CIO Outlook Magazine.
• “The Transformation of Business Processes and Tools”; publication date: Mar 20, 2017; CIO Review Magazine.
• “Centralized-vs-Decentralized IT-Is There A Middle Ground?”; publication date: Apr 1, 2016; Government CIO Outlook Magazine.

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