Enterprise Evolution: How Digital Transformation Is Shaping Business

The Current State Of Digital Transformation

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Jeff Orr

Many organizations have begun the process of evolving their enterprise through digital transformation. The journey often starts with deployment of an organization’s mobility strategy and has now broadened to include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, the internet of things (IoT), data analytics, and security. All of these technologies are essential, intertwined components for developing and implementing a transformative strategy.

Before embarking on the enterprise-shifting change, companies need to first pinpoint what needs and objectives the transformation will fulfill. What are the business drivers, how much should an organization spend, and how do you evaluate ROI? Where’s the digital focus? Is it on cloud migration? Is it mobile device management or implementation, such as wearables or rugged devices and the security that comes with them? How will AI and “Big Data” play into it?

From there, technology and business leaders can create a roadmap of digitization and its place throughout all of the enterprise’s processes.

This report uncovers the various avenues to be traversed in digital transformation and how they converge.

Download this report to learn:

  • What is driving the rapid progression of digital transformation?
  • What are the key components enabling digital transformation?
  • How are enterprises leveraging artifical intelligence, cloud computing, mobility, IoT and the Internet of Things?

This article was originally published on Enterprise Mobility Exchange.